Sweeping Solutions You Can Rely On

Sweeping Solutions You Can Rely On

Hire Midland Power Wash & Sweep for parking lot sweeping services in Midland, TX

A parking lot or entrance littered with trash and debris can deter customers from visiting your business. Midland Power Wash & Sweep provides residential and commercial parking lot sweeping services throughout greater Midland, TX. We have the necessary equipment and manpower to routinely sweep your street, parking lot or driveway. No matter the size or shape of your surface, our professionals will give your guests a clean and safe place to park.

Speak with a parking lot sweeper in Midland, TX to learn more about our contract and as-needed parking lot sweeping services.

Your Midland street sweeping company

Our parking lot sweeper crew utilizes an efficient and effective process to ensure a completely clean area. Our three-step sweeping process covers:

  • Picking up loose trash and debris
  • Leaf blowing lawns
  • Using sweepers to scrub lots and roads

Call 432-853-2377 to get a free quote for residential or commercial parking lot sweeping services today.